09.05.2013 – ICCPS mit neuem Webauftritt


Website der ICCPS komplett überarbeitet, von Susan McConnell



Dear ICCPS Friends,

Over the past several weeks, since I returned from the March Spring Festival, I have worked on refreshing the ICCPS Web Site. Here it is:




There are 104 Posts, 37 pages and 31 Categories within this web site. Everything that was on the old web site has been transferred and updated.


Please go to this new site and look at all the changes that have been made. Hopefully, this site will be less static, offer more for each Society and allow us to promote the Connemara Pony to the World. The photos on the opening page can be changed. These were photos in my laptop from the request for photos for the Olympia brochure in December 2012.


Please feel free to make any comments and suggestions. This site is still „under construction“!


Please note that under NEWS… there is a drop down called NEWS AROUND THE WORLD. Then, beside that you will find the 17 countries. If you click on your country, you will find the articles that are within the web site from your country.


Please notice that the CALENDAR needs information from you: Inspection dates & locations, Show dates, and your Society’s AGM. If you want to be listed, please send your information, soon. By the way, FRANCE needs to update their information. It might say 2013, but I used France’s dates as an example, only.


Please look on the lower right of the front page. There are some Slideshows. These were created by Satu when she was helping with the administration of the old web site. Satu’s photos are wonderful and a historic record since the names are included with the photos. Hopefully, Susanne Lehmann will create some new Slideshows, similar to what we have.


In the future, I am hoping that some of the Daughter Society’s will have PR Officers or web people who can write and contribute their Society’s information. As a „contributor“, an approved person can write a post on the web site, then, it will be approved and posted. There will be screening of a post before it is installed, but I feel confident that some Society’s have capable people who can write a „post“ within the web site. No doubt, some of you are more proficient then me!


Soon, I will create a „template“ which can be used for writing a post. It will include the way to write the show results as well as written text. All ponies should have their sire and dam listed. This is important information for all to know! I will still help those Daughter Society’s with their information, if you do not have someone who is web savvy!! There will be a tutorial to help prepare the information and, then, I will add the photos, etc for you.


Currently, the CPBS is updating its Pedigree Database. Yiiippppeee!!! When it is completed (2 months ~ approx June), we will be able to link the Daughter Societies to their base. It is anticipated that during Clifden Show week, individual Societies can meet and ask/answer questions with the new man. Please stay tuned to this effort!!


For now, please explore the NEW web site!!


Please share your comments and suggestions. We can build on this with everyone’s help!!


Kindest regards,

Susan McConnell

1085 Wood Lane

Charlottesville, VA 22901

cell: 434-242-7778

email: susan@oakfieldsfarm.com