18.01.2014 – Einladung zur Hengstschau in den Niederlanden


Niederländische CPS richtet internationale Hengstschau aus


Dear Friends,


Two months ago we e-mailed Belgium and the German Connemara Breeders, to see if any of them would be interested to attend an International Stallions Show in the Netherlands. The idea was received well, not only by Belgium and German breeders, but also by Tom Mac Lochlainn. This made us decide to organise the show. Tom, Jos van der Wal en Nina Gustafson will form the jury team.

The show will be held in Heeze (nearby Eindhoven) at the 23th of March 2014.


In the attachment you find the invitation, the entry forms (show and competition) and accommodation options. Could you please inform all your members, so the show will be a big success with lots of ponies and Connemara fans.


Looking forward to seeing you on March 23rd in Heeze!


Best regards,




Mrs. Ilja Knook/secretary board member



Hier die .pdfs zum Herunterladen:




Ausschreibung Schau


Ausschreibung Reitklasse